Feel free to play as long as you like, but please do not grief or harass other players. I want everyone who plays to have fun and enjoy playing on a fast reliable server.

Server address: goobersmooch.com

This server runs the latest version of Feed The Beast Inventions mod pack available from feed-the-beast.com. Feed The Beast Inventions is a modpack for minecraft.¬† This modpack is designed for the creative styled builder, designer and ultimate factory builder. For the first time ever resource gathering is eased by equivalent exchange and the main focal point is building and large technology based mods. Want to make a spawn city come to life with friends or an over complicated factory mass producing most items in the pack? If so then FTB Inventions is for you! –Inventors, dust off your wrenchs and prepare to dive into a world where the sky is the limit!

You can download the latest FTB launcher for windows here.

Don’t have minecraft yet? Head over to minecraft.net to create a free Mojang account to get started.

If you liked playing on this server then please vote for it on minecraft-mp.com by clicking here.


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